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code: 0181
type: other carpets
collection: ancient turkmen carpets
origin: uzbekistan
dimensions 357 x 533 cm
  11' 8" x 17' 5"



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Interesting due to the period of origin, the size, quality and the prize
The carpet called Bukara as it is generally known by this name is an antique Turkmen carpet knotted by Tekke; Because of the size it is logical to think that the carpet was knotted in a period when the population was stopped in a village. the era of knotting dates back to the first two decades of the '900. extraord...leggi tuttoinary status conaservazione also considered the great size that has not helped to remove from the pavement
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: ancient turkmen carpets
You do not know what the population was the first to develop the art of weaving a carpet, although it is believed that the Turkmen were among the first to perfect this technique and take it to an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship to make visual art and symbolic . Salor, Yomuth, Tekke, Ersari, Beshir.


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R: 1900/1915
Ove non diversamente specificato i tappeti compresi nelle categorie ANTICHI, sono annodati prima del 1918
Fabio Morandi - 17-05-2014 | 06:53:13

Andrea - 16-05-2014 | 20:48:32