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code: 4544
type: caucasian carpets
collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
origin: caucaso
dimensions 108 x 135 cm
  3' 6" x 4' 5"
features: geometrico



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Nomadic Caucasian carpet Knotted in a small village near Shirvan at the beginning of the twentieth century. The blu color of fund derived from the mineral indigo has a beautiful Abrash more clear, is almost suspect it was created by regard because it suggests the idea of ​​a mihrab, without drawing it indeed.
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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
Caucasus Central Eastern The rugs in this area are often grouped together under the name of Shirvan, famous for the fineness of Ghiordes and the fleece shaved a few millimeters from the node, they iconography closely linked to the village or town of knotting. Carpets Ghendjeh, Talish, Lenkoran, Mogan, Ciajli, Akstafa, Shirwan, Marasali, Bidjof, Surahani, Tachte, Kila, Baku, Kuba, Karagashli, Konakhend, There There, Prepedil, Seikhur, Zejwa, Dagestan, Derbend, Lesghi.


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Bellissimo tappeto e, con il prezzo outlet scontato al 50, veramente conveniente. Se mi è permesso un appunto, sottolineo che l indaco naturale dei tappeti antichi è un colore vegetale e non minerale, estratto dall Indigofera tinctoria e anche da altre piante. Era anche il colore usato per produrre le stoffe blu di Genova (in francese bleu de Gênes , da cui il termine blue jeans).
Corrado - 11-05-2018 | 18:57:02