Morandi Carpets
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code: 4621
type: caucasian carpets
collection: Old and new caucasian rugs
origin: caucaso
dimensions 70 x 108 cm
  2' 3" x 3' 6"
features: decorativo stilizzato



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Even if it is a manufacture of the '40s, this Jastik Dagestan, has all the charm of antique carpets, and the extraordinary softness of the carpet, combined with the compactness of the node determine a 'high definition of the design, the blue vegetable background, bordered from an original white frame, stands a lovely blue Abrash.
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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: Old and new caucasian rugs
Manufactures of Caucasian rugs finely knotted with hand spun wool that possess the beauty and rigor of the ancient geometric patterns. Azeri, Daghestan, Shirvan new, Derbend.


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