Morandi Carpets
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code: 4879
type: caucasian carpets
collection: Old and new caucasian rugs
origin: caucaso
dimensions 161 x 253 cm
  5' 3" x 8' 3"
features: geometrico



UE Citizens + Italian Vat Tax (22%)
UE Companies Italian Vat Tax Free
This carpet is in Italy - Crema store
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Manufacturing production output by more than ten years but remains in the heart of many fans, the fineness and lightness of knotting of the rug, traditional caucasians patterns and luminosity of the wool will remain a reference point and example of excellence for all new vendors.
This carpet is not available for buying.

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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: Old and new caucasian rugs
Manufactures of Caucasian rugs finely knotted with hand spun wool that possess the beauty and rigor of the ancient geometric patterns. Azeri, Daghestan, Shirvan new, Derbend.


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Dear Fabio: I am still interested in this rug but I`m back in Chile right know. What would be your last price for this rug, cif chile. Also please inform the age of this piece, I understand it was knotted back in 1920. Wait for your reply Truly yours, Alberto
Alberto Mois - 28-10-2016 | 00:50:50
dear sig.Mois, I can certainly send the carpet where you want. if you bring the rug out from the European Union countries do not pay the Italian VAT fee for this can consult my site in English This page is public anyone can read, to communicate with me write to my mail or best regards Fabio Morandi
Fabio Morandi - 22-09-2016 | 15:51:44
Dear Sirs I am from Chile and will be in Europe from September 23 to October 10. I would like to know more about this rug ( vegetable dyes) and ask if you could delire this rug to Paris in case I decide to purchase it. I will be in Paris from September 26 to September 30 included. Can IVA be discounted since I will bring this rug back to Chile? I remain waiting for your reply
alberto Mois - 22-09-2016 | 12:58:17
Tappeto caucasico kuba Azerbaijan a doppia fila di medaglioni allineati verticalmente con motivi decorativi sia konagken da giardino che karagashly☺️
Ugo D\\\'Ascenzo - 07-08-2014 | 20:05:18