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code: 5243
type: caucasian carpets
collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
origin: caucaso
dimensions 140 x 265 cm
  4' 7" x 8' 8"
features: geometrico



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The carpet area of Shirvan is to be studied as it has reasons and motives Karabakh Armenians, the structure returns us to the area of Shirvan without adopting the most typical motifs, as well as the interpretation of it by Mr.. Pierluigi is based on considerations apply. This is the classic carpet that lends itself to various interpretations, including those experienced so far there is not one tha...leggi tuttot is strong enough to impose itself on the other. The carpet has been restored in the header.
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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
Caucasus Central Eastern The rugs in this area are often grouped together under the name of Shirvan, famous for the fineness of Ghiordes and the fleece shaved a few millimeters from the node, they iconography closely linked to the village or town of knotting. Carpets Ghendjeh, Talish, Lenkoran, Mogan, Ciajli, Akstafa, Shirwan, Marasali, Bidjof, Surahani, Tachte, Kila, Baku, Kuba, Karagashli, Konakhend, There There, Prepedil, Seikhur, Zejwa, Dagestan, Derbend, Lesghi.


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E molto vicino per il decoro agli Shirvan konagkend . Con elementi decorativi intermedi tra i konagkend a medaglioni ottagonali da giardino e quello a medaglione ottagonale centrale cruciforme dal profilo scalare.
Ugo D\\\'Ascenzo - 08-08-2014 | 19:48:22
E' un bel Baku.
Pierluigi - 15-02-2013 | 09:03:59