Morandi Carpets
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code: 5553
type: other carpets
collection: antique anatolian carpets
origin: turchia
dimensions 137 x 215 cm
  4' 5" x 7' 0"
features: geometrico



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The nomadic population Yoruk from which it takes its name this beautiful carpet, comes this Turkestan and is descended from the Oghuz Turks, has deep cultural roots that come from the shamanic rituals that have influenced the superstitions and legends of everyday life. The Oghuz served as mercenaries in the army of the Byzantine Empire, then we find Yoruk tribal groups in the Balkans (Epirus and T...leggi tuttohrace), in Iran and in many parts of central Anatolia. Most Yoruk moves between the hot coastal plains and prairies in the winter of fresh grassy plateaus of the western Toros Mountains in summer is a sight to see their groups of black curtains and large herds of goats and sheep in the mountains. She now lives in the district of Yörüks in the south-west of the city of nomads of Fethiye, here `the historic villages of Boğalar, Eldirek, Karaçuhla and Patlangıç ​​have been incorporated.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: antique anatolian carpets
Rare and famous carpets in Turkey in the late nineteenth century and the first decade of the last century, the vegetable dyes and hand-spun wool. Ladik, Ghiordes, Panderman, Melas, Kirshehir, Zileh, Urgup, Usak, Antalya, Bergama, Konia, Kula, Mudjur.


fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK
fotogallery YORUK


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chiedo ai superappassionati del tappeto anatolico antico se riescono ad individuare in quale di questi villaggi yoruk e` stato annodato il tappeto:
Fabio Morandi - 01-08-2013 | 09:12:58
Per correttezza devo informarvi che il tappeto e` stato restaurato nella parte centrale. Sia dal vivo che scaricando l'immagine in alta risoluzione e` assolutamente impossibile riconoscere dove il restauro e` stato fatto. Sfido anche l'occhio piu` esperto ad indovinare quali sono le parti restaurate, io stesso non saprei piu` riconoscere quali sono le parti riannodate con lane d'epoca. Ovviamente...leggi tutto ho le fotografie del tappeto prima del restauro.
Fabio Morandi - 01-08-2013 | 09:08:54