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code: 5744
type: other carpets
collection: old and new turkmen carpets
origin: turkmenistan
dimensions 247 x 365 cm
  8' 1" x 11' 11"
features: geometrico disegno a gul



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Old carpet Tekke known by the name of Bukhara as a set in Samarkand is the most popular resort in the area. All the carpets with the characteristic gul Tekke are historically but incorrectly defined Bukhara until the 80s with the domination of the Soviet Union, which also extended to Afghanistan, distinguished two types of "Bukhara" those defined precisely "Bukhara Russians" th...leggi tuttoat came over the border were well-knotted wool with raw, rough but quality, and most commercial carpets made ​​in Pakistan in a simple knot. This carpet is knotted by the Tekke Turkoman population around the years 50/60, it is therefore an old Tekke carpet, numerous Abrash give a unique charm even at first glance, without the need of having to touch the silky-soft wool. I also want to highlight the extraordinary knotting, compact and dense typical of several knotted rugs from Turkoman populations.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: old and new turkmen carpets
Knotted in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with classic gul and fine knotting. They are part of this group also most carpets defined Bukhara Russians. Beshir, Afgan silk, Turkmen, Ersari old, Bukhara.


fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA
fotogallery BUKHARA


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