Morandi Carpets
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code: 7734
type: modern and contemporary carpets
collection: Tibet collection
origin: india
dimensions 250 x 310 cm
  8' 2" x 10' 2"



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A carpet of a particular beauty, at first glance perhaps it is not possible to grasp the interweaving of the design that is interpenetrated by the color, the miracle of the artist who makes repeated floral modules coexist with complex texture geometries is maybe not perceived. We do not immediately notice the color that, like a cloud, descends, crosses, the drawings dematerializing. It is this poe...leggi tuttotic effect that untying color from the drawing restores its true metaphysical entity.
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category: modern and contemporary carpets
Proposals for designers, contemporary artists and modern "Ustad" masters in the knotting technique manual carpet, interpret modernity in strict observance of the ancient traditions

collection: Tibet collection
Embellished by the end of 150 nodes each node Tibetan sq-inch, is the result of a rigorous selection of designs. The Tibet rugs are woven with fine wools, silk and hemp.


fotogallery TIBET
fotogallery TIBET
fotogallery TIBET
fotogallery TIBET


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